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Do You Expect More From Your Loyalty & Rewards Programmes?

Waymaker Loyalty helps business owners in Singapore and across Asia to establish true customer loyalty and increase sales sustainably to existing customers.

We do it through best-in-class loyalty programme and campaign design, the latest digital rewards technology and years of experience working with the most demanding customers in Asia.

Waymaker Loyalty is an independent loyalty consultant. We manage loyalty agencies and technology vendors for companies, government organisations and programme owners with no obligation to any one vendor. With the growing complexity and high cost of loyalty solutions available on the market, discerning business owners are turning to Waymaker Loyalty to reduce costs and improve loyalty programme outcomes.

World Class Loyalty & Rewards Programs

In today's highly competitive markets, business leaders recognise that more than ever before, their investments in customer loyalty must keep up with rapidly evolving digital technology and fast-changing customer demographics and preferences.

Loyalty Campaign Design

Waymaker Loyalty Design

We build loyalty campaigns that are laser-focused on building engagement and triggering responses from your existing customers. 

  • Personalised campaigns powered by advanced loyalty technology
  • World-class creatives built to deliver results
  • Best-in-class rewards to attract and motivate

Your loyalty campaigns can be highly effective, award-winning and quickly deployed.

Rewards Programme Design

Waymaker Rewards Design

We've built and improved some of the most complex and high-profile rewards programmes in Singapore as well as many micro-rewards programmes:

  • Digital vouchers - multi-redemption, multi-merchant, and issued on the fly
  • Gift cards fully white-labeled and ready for use in-store or online
  • Multi-channel distribution through email, messaging, in-app or in-account 

Your rewards programme can be 100% digital, PDPA-compliant and customer experience centred.

Rewards Technology & Network Provision

Waymaker Rewards Networks

We're connected to a global network of world-class merchants that are among the most highly desired as rewards for customer and employee programmes. 

  • Global rewards in almost every country of the world.
  • Local rewards from the widest network of local merchants in Asia.
  • Employee rewards, member benefits and staff incentive programmes

You can enjoy the latest digital rewards piped seamlessly into your loyalty programme. 

Loyalty Vendor Management

Waymaker Vendor Management

We're independent loyalty consultants that help companies select and manage the optimum loyalty vendors from the fast-changing marketplace. 

  • Loyalty marketing and creative agencies.
  • Loyalty and rewards technology solutions providers.
  • Rewards networks and merchant integrators

You can achieve better business outcomes by entrusting your loyalty vendor management to us.

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