By The Spirit We Call God Our Father

Published 20 November 2020 by John Conrad Lee in // Upward

How can you be sure that you’re a child of God?

By the Holy Spirit living in you!

“The Holy Spirit you received made you God’s adopted child. By the Spirit’s power we call God Abba. Abba means Father. The Spirit himself joins with our spirits. Together they tell us that we are God’s children.” [Romans 8:15-16 NIRV]

Before Jesus came to earth, nobody called God “Father”, but Jesus introduced the name Father (Abba) to us. He taught us to pray to our Heavenly Abba.

Maybe you have the best dad in the world, or maybe your father is hard to live with, or even absent.

Whatever your earthly father is like, you have a perfect Heavenly Father. And the Holy Spirit tells you that you are his child.

Listen to the Spirit and the Word of God. Let the Holy Spirit give you assurance.

Dear friend, God is your Father. You are his child. You are a child of God!

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