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We help Industry Leaders to attract and retain High Value Clients

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Lead your industry

We help business owners to build respected brands of value and dominate their niche. Our ultra-focused, high-ROI strategies have made us the Marketing Partner of choice for founders who set their sights on becoming the leader in their industry.

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Acquire HIGH VALUE Clients

Discerning customers have specific buying triggers, and they're anchored in the value you provide at every stage of the customer journey. We have the track record to secure you the right clients for the world-class company you're building.

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Retain Your best customers

The best loyalty programmes are built by people who intimately understand the customer and the tech. We started out building loyalty systems for public companies but focus entirely on loyalty programmes for SME today. 

Here's what we do.

Waymaker Web Developer

Web Assets

Not just a website, but your own high-speed, mobile-optimised and content-rich web assets that reach thousands of visitors and generate millions in revenue 24/7.

Waymaker Social Marketing

Social Media

Social media for businesses is foundationally, purpose-driven. Your social media strategy can be a resource-draining pit or a high-ROI source of brand and business value. We choose ROI.

Waymaker Search Marketing

Search Optimisation (SEO)

Getting found by the right prospects has been our specialty for over a decade. Wherever your clients are searching, we specialise in getting you found for the right thing in the right place.

Waymaker Direct Advertising

Digital Advertising (SEM) 

Getting the click is a unique combination of compelling ads, intelligent bidding and strategic placement. We have the track record to prove we get results, time and again.

And more that we're awesome at.

Waymaker Copywriting Specialist

Original Content

When you treat your customers with empathy and respect, you speak to them with original content that engages and educates. We're proud to be among the very best at writing the real stuff. 

Waymaker Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Our EDMs reach thousands of ultra-targeted, high value customers each month, resulting in open rates >10% higher than peer average. Those extra opens and incremental profit are the direct benefit we bring.

Waymaker Reviews

Reputation Marketing

Testimonials and reviews are foundational for your business, and building rock-solid reputations is our core specialty. Need convincing? See the reputation we've built, for over 10 years.

Waymaker Consulting

Business Consulting

Our unique blend of big-business strategy and startup agility has proven successful in fueling startup growth and accelerating market entry for new businesses. When you're ready to grow, you'll want us on your side.

Founder-led, and why it matters.

John founded Waymaker Digital in 2014 to spearhead growth for the startups he co-founded. In almost 30 years of business, he has generated over $500 million in revenue and has founded more than 10 startups in the education, tech and automotive industries in Singapore. 

He is a co-founder of AVANTAGE Automotive Group, an award-winning chain of automotive service centres; and the founder of AVANTAGE Club, a benchmark loyalty programme for car owners in Singapore.

John was previously Head of Sales and Marketing for Siemens Audiology in the Asia-Pacific region, Head of pharma business units in GlaxoSmithKline, and General Manager ASEAN for Transitions Optical.

He has also been a consultant to public companies, including five of the 30 companies that form the STI Index, and currently serves as President of Waymaker Worldwide, a non-profit ministry to developing countries.

How can John help you?

Simply, to grow your business.

To get high value clients, and keep them. 

To build a valuable brand that will dominate your industry. 

To spend your marketing budget wisely and get better ROI on your capital. 

To increase the value and investability of your company.

You'll love his pragmatic, business-first approach to marketing, and as someone once said of him, perhaps there's no one else you'd rather have on your side. 

Endorsed by the best.

John is a creative and thoughtful individual. I had the chance to work with him in BMW M Club of Singapore (MCoS). As a marketing director of MCoS he has brought the club to a new level of vibrancy.

John is passionate in bringing new ideas to the table and his creativity has allowed us to explore options that we had not imagined before. In the midst of a pandemic, we continue to keep our members engaged, mainly thanks to John’s input and contributions.

He is able to articulate his ideas across and present effectively to stakeholders. He gives careful thought before he executes an idea and many times was able to provide constructive alternatives when we meet with roadblocks.

Given his vast experience in marketing and his outstanding credentials, I believe John has the ability to deliver and go beyond.

Amos Poh

Chairman, BRDGE

President, BMW M Club of Singapore

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