Onward // Upward

Hello and welcome to Onward // Upward by John Conrad Lee

Upward contains devotional Bible studies written for our social media ministry @jesu.wymkr on Facebook and Instagram.

Onward contains wisdom for personal growth based on the Christian blueprint for business success.

Whichever meets your needs, be blessed as you read!

John Conrad Lee, Waymaker Singapore

John Conrad Lee

For The Journey Upward

The Love of God

The Love of Our Good Father

When you’re in need, does your father provide you with a good gift? I hope so! All of us wish we had a father that loved more, cared more and provided better. Yet we know that all men are sinful. Some try their best to be good fathers, but all fail. It seems that no

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For The Journey Onward

Mackerel Fishing Singapore

Don’t Set The Hook

The Spanish Mackerel has always been one of my favourite fish to catch. It’s a great fighter, makes superb eating, and hunting this fish has taught me an important lesson about breaking free in life.

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