Onward // Upward

Hi, I'm John Conrad Lee.

I'm a Christian entrepreneur, marketing expert and automobile enthusiast based in Singapore. I help businesses owners with startup marketing.

Transformed by grace, beloved of God and still a work in progress, I write Christian devotionals for young people worldwide @jesu.wymkr on Facebook and Instagram


A new devotional is published weekly and here are past issues shared on @jesu.wymkr Facebook and Instagram.

Jesus Miracle Worker

Whatever He Tells You, Do It!

When Jesus was on earth, he attended a wedding where they ran out of wine ...

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In Christ Alone

Nothing Comes Close To Knowing Jesus

💟 We Christians glory in what Christ Jesus has done for us and realize that ...

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New life from Jesus' resurrection

Our New Life Began When Christ Arose

Good Friday helps us remember that Jesus died for us. Today, we celebrate! Jesus rose ...

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Jesus King of kings

Blessed Is The King Who Comes

It’s Palm Sunday, and we welcome the King! Blessed is Christ Jesus, who comes in the ...

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God makes you an overcomer!

All God Needs Is One Overcomer!

Do you have overwhelming odds stacked against you today? One Overcomer is all God needs, ...

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Jesus and the miracle in your hands

The Miracle Waiting In Your Hands

Let me tell you about the Miracle that’s about to happen in your hands. In ...

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God's love makes you a winner

100% Winner No Matter What

Here’s how you can be COMPLETELY VICTORIOUS in life, no matter what you’re going through. ...

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Success in the Lord

God With You Makes You A Success!

You are a success because of who’s WITH you, not who you ARE! Remember the ...

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Strength in our weakness

Find Strength When You Need It

Do you feel overwhelmed because there’s just so much for you to take care of? ...

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My sheep hear my voice

We Give You The Sacrifice You Desire, Lord!

“O my people, listen as I speak. I do not need the bulls from your ...

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Promise Keeper

At The Right Time, It Will Happen Quickly!

Here’s a promise in the Bible which the Lord makes to the least among us. ...

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Jesus Strength

Strength To Soar, And To Run!

How would you like to soar upward effortlessly like an eagle? Or run onward tirelessly ...

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Happy Jesus

Happy New Year From Jesus!

Do you think Jesus said ‘Happy New Year’ while he lived as a man with ...

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By His stripes we are healed

Your Healing Is Fully Paid For!

God is so serious about you being in good health that he even sent his ...

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Jesus our Shepherd

Your Shepherd Makes Everything Right

In case you have gone the wrong way, don’t worry! Your Shepherd is JESUS, and ...

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Far More Than You Can Ask or Think!

Far More Than You Can Imagine!

God can do anything, you know — far more than you could ever imagine or ...

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Jesus is always with me

Wonderful Things Happen When You Know

WONDERFUL things happen when you KNOW that the Lord is ALWAYS with you! ➡️ NOTHING ...

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Jesus our Righteousness

This Is What God Wants You to Believe

If you’re trying to be right with God by doing good, rest for a moment ...

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Too Many Fish From Jesus

Receive More Than You Need!

What is Jesus telling you to do today? If he’s speaking into your situation, you ...

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Jesus in the Bible

You Can Speak Powerful Life-Giving Words!

Do you want to speak POWERFUL LIFE-GIVING WORDS? Here are 7 Bible truths you must ...

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